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Hatercism..When you hate haters

So much love we gettin in a city they claim is full of hate...Nah, i dont think that's really the case, maybe cats need to take on some better business practices.

Chi Town wus good wit it? MAAAAYNNN the phone been ringin off the hook...i gat all these west coast folk askin bout footwork i try to tell em this shit is like 20 years old but ayy what can i say? My city is ahead of their time. Which brings us to the HATERISM.

Now you gotta understand, i'mma give ya'll some game every now and again cause the legacy of players is gettin lost right now. So lemme tell ya like this...internet related hating is some real gay shit. They say its a small world, and the internet can make your world view even smaller, every destination pre-planned, google reading your thoughts and shooting a hundred ads a minute at you, its almost like you know what you're gonna see before you even look...before you even open your eyes..
Wake up...50 vs Ross, some shit about kanye acting 'crazy' (stand in front of my car wit a camera i'd hit you too), you go to allhiphop and read the same shit u just read on mediatakeout the day before, you go to worldstarhiphop, you go to fakeshore and read about a bunch of cats you never heard about before fakeshore (and their more famous haters) and it all seems so simple. Shame that the same sense of nostalgia that most of these sites creators admired so much about the Source can never be for them, because in this web based era of hip hop media, its only today that counts for anything.

We did this site not to be a running tab of current events and random occurences. Its more like a time capsule; for today, for yesterday. Something to bring you and yours together for a minute to catch up on what got us where we are in the first place. Now let me speak so you can understand....
Hate on me if you want to...hate on my city if you dare, and no matter how much material we receive, the final say goes to the big homie and if you can get thru HIM, then you deserve some shine and TASTEOFTHEGO aint gon let these lame ass niggas hate on you HERE...anything ya'll say can and will be used against you, and trust we like Liam Niesen in Taken hoe...WE WILL FIND YOU!!!

My bad, got a lil aggresive right there, the budman actin brand new I probly need to call again huh...

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