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Sonic gets treated by El Che

Now before we post you know i gotta add my two bits in...
FIRST OF ALL i'mma be the one to say that almost every new artist wit a deal is wack, Hamilton, Roth, all them clowns. I say this because the artists that niggas like didnt even get the CHANCE to drop i.e. saigon, but lets get away from that topic. BUT there is a gang of shit that rhymefest got into in this video that is 110% true and its only made worse by the fact that EVERYTIME A REAL NIGGA tries to give a HAND UP to one of these lames and gets played IT FUCKS IT UP FOR THE REST. I know plenty of cats who would be better suited for this game but at the end of the day you gotta have yo HOE ASS NIGGA RADAR ON not AFTER but BEFORE these types of situations occur...because a large part of this game is leverage and like it or not nowadays the more idiotic you are the more idiots will support your movement. So in closing, 'Fest man fuck charles hamilton he aint even got a project out, wack ass nigga. Matter fact, stay tuned i'mma let one of the homies go in on ol chuck and see how he likes being the backpacker version of YUNG BERG in 09 hahaha....ROLL THE CLIPS FOLKS

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