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Straight from the A reporting on the apparently racist behaviour on the behalf of club bouncers that often wont permit black men in their club under the 'ur jeans too baggy' act...Here's the letter concerning the actual situation.

Could you please post the following news story on your blog? I know this is not what you normally write about, but I think this is a really important civil rights issue.

Six of my friends at WashU experienced a despicable act of racial discrimination about a week ago in Chicago. Six black males and about 200 of their peers went on Washington University in St. Louis’s senior class trip to Chicago. On the evening of 10/17/09, the group went to Mother’s Bar and the bouncers denied entrance to all six of the African-American males. Their justification? The bar managers claimed that the boys were wearing “baggy jeans” that violated the establishment’s dress code.

Regis Murayi, one of the banned students and treasurer of the Senior Class Council, did an experiment to see if the bouncers were really trying to regulate the dress code or if they were indeed racists. Regis went back to the hotel that the group was staying at and switched jeans with a white student, Jordan, who is about 3 inches shorter and 30-40lbs lighter than him. Jordan went back to the bar and was allowed in.

If you look at the pictures, the jeans are quite baggy on Jordan! Please post the following articles from Student Life, our campus newspaper, and CNN for details about the story and the experiment the boys did to prove that this was an issue of racial discriminaton and not a mere dress code violation.

My solution? I was denied entry to a very popular downtown club ON MY BIRTHDAY mind you after scheduling the party and going thru all proper channels. So me and a few of the guys stood outside and acted as ignorant as they expected us to act inside. We told the white dudes in line these clowns are racist and drove away as much of their business as possible then partied the night away at RED NO. 5 so fuck em...i'd rather party wit dj vince adams on the tables ANYWAY!

read the rest of the story HERE

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