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Real recognize real!!!

Just had to shout out tha homie over @ for putting our site on their list of top 5 realest blog sites!!! We gon keep building this bridge from the streets to the web and exposing the world to the culture of Chicago while these other lames dance around their fairytale world celebrating their success. Aint no success in the hood, just forward progress pimpin' till we get the respect we deserve!! Aint a DAMN THING FAKE ABOUT MY CITY!!! Put that on somethin...

Check out the link here

And make sure you check out Only4TheReal on a regular basis. They holdin the hood down, so spread love not war. Cuz our shits is poppin on fully auto.

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  1. You already know my nigga! I fux with this site and ya'll music hard. Yatti man be going in on beats, keep a nigga posted!