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Ain't No Love Trick...

Time out. Full Time out, no 20 second shoulder tap time out joe...

Chicago needs to make up its mind. We all enjoy good music, but somewhere along the lines there seems to be some type of unspoken approval rating goin on with these 'hipster' industry dudes. I walked the streets of Chicago many days and nights, wandering aimlessly and receiving jewels of knowledge from the most unexpected places. Most of the people involved in this current fiasco you call a 'hip hop scene' were nowhere to be found.

We said when we jumped off this site that there would be no coonery and baffoonery allowed. Prime example of why is the current debacle goin on over performing at, of all places, the Wild Hare. C'mon son. Who hasn't performed at the Wild Hare.

At any rate, we take this time to extend to your our personal policy for pushing our city forward both business wise and creatively.

If you have hot music, send it. Not only do we post it, we actually listen to it. Don't get it twisted, we ain't gon just post anything, but we do our very best to support artists who are genuinely trying to garner attention in a positive fashion with their GOD GIVEN GIFTS. Yea i dropped the G-bomb.

We will be working with artists on creative alternative promotion methods, merchandising, showcases, and definitely networking. MY TEAM consists of brothers and sistas who have all paid enormous dues and were not put on in any way shape or form by anything other than HARD WORK. I myself personally have a lifetime of experience in music, growing up with one of the go-to-guys for any credible chicago dj's as my Uncle. I was the first nigga doin promo for Lil Keke in the chi back when people was still laughin at buddy name and tellin me nobody in the south could rhyme. Dont believe me? It was on breakaway records, look it up. I was privledged enough to see MC Hammer get rich and go broke first hand. With that said, if HAMMER CAN GO BROKE, your swag will not save you from the realities of life.

The reality is this;
Hip hop is dead.
Pop is the new hip hop.
and that shit is WACK.

So if you makin real music get at us PRONTO!! Hope ya'll enjoyed last week and the release of Freemont Jackson's 'Freestrumental' project, but stay tuned cuz we got some HEAT from tha homie AYO! on deck, and plenty more exclusive downloads and rare gems from the Chicago vaults. And imma talk more shit. Chuuuch.

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