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Documentary: Poverty in Chicago

This is an excellent documentary directed and produced by Brian Schodorf in 2006. It explores themes that chicagoans know well; pain, poverty, depression, disappointment, violence, drugs, and homelessness. I spent countless days downtown politick'n with brothas down by Columbia comin from the mission, and some of life's lessons that kept me breathing came from cats who had absolutely nothing but the knowledge and the hope that OUR generation could figure our way out of this rat race. You realize how different our lives are coming from where we come from, and we all have similar stories but at the end of the day we gotta keep our heads held high and not forsake the fact that WE are our brothers keepers. We gotta envision better, want better...and I aint talkin bout coppin chains and cars joe. That aint better, thats standard (or unnecessary) for most upper middle class americans. That shit is childish. And this, my niggas and niggets, is REALITY.

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