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For those who don't know, we definitely are fans of DJ Big Pat's mixtapes. Out of all the DJ's in the Chi who do mixtapes, I would have to say I see Big Pat joints in more places that we frequent thru the city and south burbs, and I fa damn sho gotta post some music from tha homie!! I bet you aint know Pat gat bars!!

This joint def got that summertime feel for me, and you can see tha homie Pat style is deeply influenced by the school of music we came up to, as he references in the song. Matter fact, you can hear the influence of greats from the bay area and the south, which real heads know was HEAVY in the chi back in the days of 106 Jamz (R.I.P PINKHOUSE!!!) So without further, check tha joint...

DJ Big Pat - All I Gotta Say

Also, check out the latest DJ BIG PAT mixtape 'WHUT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS VOL. 5' on Datpiff below.

1 comment:

  1. Good shits..a blast from the past song, all I can say is let the real be heard dont stop putting it out keep it comin Dj Big Pat..
    peace Dj Buddy Finch