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New Music!! Chi Embassy (GS, Yatti Man, Hunnid)

YA homies is back at is!!! With good weather 
always comes new music from tha Chi Embassy 
mob...Hunnid, GS, Yatti, and sometimes 
'Tona will all be leaking new and unreleased 
material in preparation for their multiple 
upcoming projects...Here's a few mixtape 
cuts, two featuring the central 3 Chi Em 
members and one from Hunnid that was
featured on the recent Jay iLLa Mixtape 
'Revenge of the Backpacks 2: 
Welcome to Chicago' over the LL epic
'I Shot Ya' beat...

Hunnid, GS, Yatti Man - Spit Yo Game

GS, Yatti Man, Hunnid - Goin Down Tonight

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