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TASTEoftheGO exclusive interview with KM tha Original

 Of all the new artists emerging from the current crop of Chicago emcees, few have shown the humble determination and hit-making ability of one young gunner by the name K.M. He gained a strong buzz with the driver's ed anthem of the year 'I Just Got My License' and soon followed up with the infections single 'Cherry Red Lipgloss' which stays on our collective twitter timeline among damn near any female under 30. And he's just warming up. The son of a respected and renowned poet and pianist, this young brothas grind is impeccable, burnin down stages on a regular basis and getting exposure from here to overseas. His 'mixtape' (which is really an album) 'Trip to the Chi' is honestly packed with certified hit records, so we had to jump at the opportunity to pick KM's brain early in his career....

TASTEoftheGO: What got you started in music?

 KM: Being around my brothers always playing hip-hop and a few musicians in my family.

T.O.T.G: Who is your team? What is the driving force behind KM?
KM: My team is myself for right now and my fans. My immediate family - mainly my cousin - have been just pushing me real hard and trying to bring out the best in me, because he sees the potential.

T.O.T.G: You been makin alot of noise and gettin alot of attention musically, but what were you doing before all this kicked off? What area of the chi are you from?

KM: I was doing the same thing I am now, I think.. (Laughs) , my team has allowed me a lot of new opportunities to be heard and seen, most importantly. You can make all the music in the world , but without and audience doesn't mean anything, ya know?

T.O.T.G: You have an obvious gift for songwriting, with alot of hot records under your belt. What makes a hot song in your opinion?
KM: Thanks, umm i dont really know its something you cant really put your finger on , i just try the best music i possibly can and let the people decide whats hot or not.

T.O.T.G: What is your ideal situation, to sign with a major or work the independent route?
KM: Major or independent with significant funding .

T.O.T.G: Who are some of the artists/producers you worked with on this current project?
KM: My in house ( GL , B - Knockz) ; Bartendaz, Fox, J Kash, and Broken Chainz.

T.O.T.G: What is the personal motivation that keeps you coming back to music? We all know its a tedious process at times, as an artist what keeps you from walking away? How do you stay focused?
KM: I know, that I have been blessed with a talent, yes at times the politics of the game make me hate , what i love the most , Music. I have a strong foundation who , wont allow me to get too discouraged and then i get right back motivated.

T.O.T.G: What do you want people to know about KM, first as an artist, second as a man...
KM: First as an artist, Im not perfect, because as a man , admitting my imperfections make me a man.

T.O.T.G: And finally, give a rundown of erthing you got goin on right now and for the future, and let the people know how to get in touch with you and find your music...

    KM: Right now I'm working on pushing my current single and shooting a music video for :     
    "Cherry Red Lipgloss (Shawty You A Boss)" available for .89 cent on!

Hit KM up on  , , , itunes , amazon , rhaspody , myxer , everywhere!

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