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Ashlee Bankz - The Preview (full mixtpae download!!)

Tha IntaVention is back with another release...this time its 16 year old Ashlee Bankz with her mixtape 'The Preview'. Bankz has put together an impressive tape hosted by fellow Chicagoan and legendary artist and radio personality Teefa, and mixed by one of the Go's best dj's, DJ Victorious.. Do yourself a favor and take time and check out "The Preview" from young Ms. Bankz. Hit the jumpoff for the track list.


  1. Get'em Ashlee!!!!!! #IntaVentionShit

  2. 16 and Dangerous...Ashlee Bankz Tha IntaVention..we serious bout this Take OVA!!!

  3. ashlee bankz? GOOD SHIT IM FUCKIN WIT U -ANR-