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We Love The Ladies Week on!!!

It's no secret. We love em'. But have we been appreciating them lately? After listening to the lineup we have in store for you this week, ya'll will truly be in tune with the wealth of talent and contributions these lovely ladies are bringing to the game.

Often times female emcees and vocalists are reduced to mere eye candy, and only on very limited terms do artist break out of the traditional mold we men-folk have cut and set as our 'standard' for what we will accept. Nothing against Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim, but the world can use alot more Lauryn Hills and Queen Latifahs. Understandably, not many artists are making the jump to go against the grain of the social norm, but there are a slew of female artists that we bump CONSTANTLY who we would like to dedicate this week on to...why??

Keep checkin' in this week and find out...

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