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#KILLATAPE Kos Kudos (@KeanonONeal) - YoungMind.OldSoul.

YOOOO just a warning. This is authentic hip hop music. Scratch that...just authentic MUSIC!! #NuffRespectDue ... YoungMind.OldSoul. is the first solo mixtape from Tha IntaVention x Tha DreamChaserz artist Kos Kudos (of Good Vocation). With this being the second release this year coming from the Good Vocation family, he's holding it down strong. Over the last year or so he's created a great body of work that showcases his greatness as a rapper & incredibly soulful singer. YoungMind.OldSoul is an album that will play as the soundtrack to our lives for a while. It's honest, It's real & it's the truth. Production comes from Evil Needle, Apollo Brown, Knxwledge, & many others. Download link after the jumpoff..

 Kos Kudos - YoungMind.OldSoul.

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